“All my ideas are for apps or web sites, but I don’t know how to code.”

If this is you, don’t worry. It’s not as hard as you think to find developers even if you don’t normally run in those circles. You just need to go to where they hang out. The best place to find developers who already understand the entrepreneurial spirit is at local startup events.

How to Approach Your Search

If you’re in or near a city of any size at all, you’re bound to find communities of entrepreneurs and startup founders. Software developers and other technical types often have their own ambitions for the next thing they want to build or are looking to help others build their companies. Go to these events and spaces. Take an interest in the ideas of the other attendees and share your own ideas. You may find someone who has a similar idea and wants to collaborate, or you may just leave with some advice on the next steps to take. In any case, with the right attitude, you’ll leave the event with both inspiration and direction.

Take, For Example, My Hometown

Here are a few examples of resources and events in my home town of Knoxville, Tennessee. We’re a small city with a population of about 185,000, but we still have a fairly active community of entrepreneurs. Most of the activity centers around the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center. They offer cheap memberships and provide their members with support, guidance, and resources. They also organize events where local founders can find other like-minded entrepreneurs. Monthly events like Women in Entrepreneurship Coffee and Founder’s Coffee offer a chance to get together with a group at a regular cadence. If you’re looking for something with more bombast, the demo days for their incubator programs have plenty of that to go around.

Finding the Best Local Events

Search out the local entrepreneur and startups groups in your areas and start getting involved. Meetup.com is a good place to start, but a simple search for your city and “startups” or “entrepreneurs” can work wonders. You’ll find a wide range of people who want to get involved in startups including potential technical co-founders. As with dating, don’t expect to find the perfect match your first time out. Talk to lots of people and establish yourself as part of the community to increase your chances to find the partner you’re looking for!